Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sponsor Needed!

A network member, Gregory Smyth from Ballinamore Tourism Initiative has posted the following to the Greenbox office:

I am organising a Triathlon at Garadice lake here on June 3rd. I need to get goody bags for 150 athletes. I am trying to not use plastic. Do you know where I could get some one to sponsor 150 paper bags ??

If anyone has any suggestions, please post a comments or suggestions on the site.

Thanks, Karen.

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Pete Hughes said...

You could try getting in touch with Marian from Hug The Bundle (www.hugthebundle.com / info@hugthebundle.com). Marian uses recycled bags made from old newspapers - they are well constructed and would serve your purpose well. I also think they are quite cheap!!!