Friday, May 2, 2008


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I thought that this was a good explanation of the term "greenwashing".

"To whitewash over something is to cover the cracks so when people talk about whitewashing over the issues they mean that the real issues aren’t being dealt with. Therefore, when people refer to things as being greenwashed or mention greenwashing it means that consumers are being misled by false advertising while the real environmental and ecological aspects are ignored."

If you want to read more from the article that this came from click on the link:

Do you know the six sins of greenwashing:

Sin of the hidden trade off
Sin of No Proof
Sin of Vagueness
Sin of Irrelevance
Sin of Lesser of Two Evils
Sin of Fibbing

There is a full article detailing each one of these and it makes interesting reading. If you'd like to read them, click on the link

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