Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ballymote Family Resource Centre

On Saturday 31 May from 2 – 5pm the Ballymote Family Resource Centre will host the highlight of this year’s Bealtaine Festival, a visual arts project entitled ‘The Elephant in the Bakery – Unexpected Views of Ballymote’.

Bealtaine is a festival ‘Celebrating Creativity in Older Age’ that runs through out the month of May each year, and since February 2008, local active age group members, day care centre users together with local young people aged nine upwards have been working on an arts project that will be showcased to the public on the last day of May in the Ballymote Family Resource Centre, a fitting tribute to the end of this year’s festival.

The group decided to focus on the theme of what makes a community and how we welcome people to that community. The group worked with local artists Karen Webster and Catherine Fanning alongside founding director Susan Langford and artist Sue Mayo from Magic Me, a leading provider in intergenerational arts activities from London. Young and old alike were involved in the process of devising a fun, creative and educational project. A series of art workshops took place on Saturday mornings each week in the Centre during March, April and the final preparations are been made this month.

Come and see the collection of multi media images depicting unusual scenes of the town and of events that took place though the streets of the large market town. Ceramic tiles were also created with words and imagery that convey a sign of welcome or how we greet people. Keep your eyes open for the Double Decker bus that will be in Ballymote for the day, as some of the artwork, ‘Unexpected Views of Ballymote’ are on the bus.

The event is free and open to the public of all ages. Looking forward to seeing some of you in Ballymote on Saturday 31 May.


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