Monday, August 3, 2009

Vote for EcoTourism handbook up for international award

About the Award
Government websites that engage locals and visitors about ecotourism and responsible travel are eligible to win's annual Ecotourism Spotlight Award.

"Locals and visitors are seeking ecotourism experiences," said founder Ron Mader. "The Ecotourism Spotlight Award encourages government leaders to move forward as we give credit to those leading the pack."

Nominees for the 2009 award include Quito Visitors' Bureau, Responsible Tourism Guide to the Mekong , Ecotourism Laos, Failte Ireland and Mexico's National Commission of Natural Protected Areas.

"These nominees have utilized the Web in highly creative and innovative ways that engage locals and visitors and inspire us all," Mader said.

Examples of best practices include Failte Ireland's ecotourism handbook for all 16,000 Irish tourism businesses and Quito's documentation of eco activities including weekend bike rides. Web 2.0 tools are showcased on the Mekong site and multi-lingual information is showcased on the Mexico parks website. Two-time Ecotourism Spotlight Award winner Ecotourism Laos has been revising its site and shows how any good website is regularly updated to maintain its effectiveness.

The Ecotourism Spotlight Award was developed to create incentives for communication, opportunities for conversation and a reward for participation among government leaders working toward ecotourism and responsible travel. Municipal, regional, national and international government websites are eligible.

The winner is announced in celebration of World Tourism Day (September 27) to spotlight best practices from government institutions. Winners receive international exposure and bragging rights.

Besides the information on the wiki and, a review of this year's award appears online slideshare (one of my favorite web tools!)

This Publication was jointly produced in assoication with Greenbox and many of our network members feature in it .

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