Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sustainable Travel International

Sustainable Travel International has written a small piece about Greenbox's accreditation system. It's very complimentary, here is the extract:

Ireland’s Ecolabel Standard AssessedSustainable Travel International recently assessed Ireland’s Greenbox Ecolabel Standard and associated training course for community business owner participants. We met with Greenbox representatives, and assessed the course and participant knowledge in order to verify the strength of the program. We are happy to announce that thanks to Greenbox, the Northwest border region between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK) has one of the strongest regional ecotourism development efforts we have seen. Greenbox was founded upon a regional peace-through-tourism initiative geared toward educating communities about how to develop sustainable ecotourism practices. Through its membership base, Greenbox also offers travelers hundreds of short breaks, green holidays and eco tours. You can now travel to Ireland, and find quality tourism products and services that promote environmental, community and cultural heritage by visiting the Greenbox web site at

To see the full e-newsletter, please click on the link below:

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